Project Mint Brief

22 May 2017
Published in Project Mint

It is time to leverage on the collaborative venture program (CVP) to roll-out a series of projects to help individuals be active stakeholders in a smart city value proposition.

Measuring and managing - Outcomes

KPIs[1] should cover at the highest possible source of inputs including the Board and Executive and cascade down to other key functional areas.

Human capital

Even before integrated thinking[1], you need to begin with “first who then what?”


Wealth distribution is skewed favoring a minority few with ordinary individuals having limited opportunities to innovate and a holding pattern persists.

It is a known fact that an optimal way to managing risks is to maintain a portfolio with asset classes that work together to produce a higher return for a given unit of risk.

Authentic voice

05 March 2015
Published in TMAFLOW

We are looking to build actionable solution(s) with a social cause.

Trust deficit

01 March 2015

Is there a trust deficit? what, why, how, where……….if so, how to prevent ( over and above solving ) it?

勿以恶小而为之, 勿以善小而不为

Life is a system

28 February 2015

Life is about tempering tension giving rise to ideas like astringency, dissonance, tonality and harmony.

Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,

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